Full Body Massage
Some of the benefits of massage are improved circulation, relieves stress and anxiety, improves energy and alertness, improves immune system function, and improves joint mobility.

Professional Spray Tanning
We offer a natural and beautiful looking golden tan. Completely Natural: No Smell; No Alcohols; No Oils; No Artificial Preservatives or Parabans; No Perfumes. Please exfoliate before coming in for your tan. Do not apply moisturizer and wear dark, loose clothing.

Take the time to relax and renew with our massage services. Each massage is specifically tailored to the individual. Your therapist will review your health information and discuss the desired results for your session, in order to determine the best treatment for you.

Full Body Massage - 30 minutes - Series of 6 (savings of $30)$210+
Full Body Massage - 60 minutes$70+
Full Body Massage - 60 minutes - Series of 6 (savings of $30)$390+
Full Body Massage - 90 minutes$100+